The first one does 20 damage over two seconds then reloads for

Lets say you are in a tournament with millions of dollars on the line. There is an item in the game that the entire community wanted out of the game. This item in particular is a giant bomb that instantly kills all other players in the game except for the player who executes it.

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Hirshhorn Shuffle at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden: Museums don’t have to be a stodgy, solitary experience where it’s as quiet as a library. This guided midday program at the modern art museum will feature songs and musicians that respective artists listen to as they work while you walk by their exhibits throughout the museum. Free..

My mom is a hoarder. Thankfully not the dirty diapers and dead animal kind. Antiques, books, papers. Got extremely mad at him and ended up arguing with him. The university I go to has a rule saying that students are not supposed to ride things like longboards on campus so I ended up taking his board and calling campus police. He began to threaten to get physical with me when I refused to give it back and other students had to get involved and hold him back..

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