“ okay okay, ill go burn the Nords

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Fast forward to the off season, FPX let go of their mid and jungle positions and signed Doinb and Tian. Back then, the signings were considered a mild upgrade at best. Doinb was undoubtedly one of the better mid laners in the LPL and known for his off meta picks and shot calling, but he was often criticized for a relatively weak laning phase and a lack of mastery for meta champions.

Took a video to show my husband. He agrees with her. Welp. hermes replica ashtray The Presidio location is still in the original historic house. It is filled with eclectic Southwestern decoration and includes an attractive outdoor patio area, gift store, and a coffee house. The menu includes all of the classic mexican menu items and includes flan and friend ice cream.

Which begs the question as to why he replica hermes dogon wallet asked me out for dinner in the first place, but I was too busy telling him to get the fuck out of my car to get to that point.I was so looking forward to making out with a guy to take my mind off Friday’s absolutely horrendous day at work, but instead I got a guy who is already in a relationship and who, I don’t know, maybe wanted to cheat on her with me? Ride two horses at once and see which one he liked better? I don’t even know anymore.In better news: last week of my cut. I’m doing these final five days as a keto diet because I simply cannot continue living if I have to do one more minute of my current macros. Calories are remaining the same, 800 calorie deficit.Next Monday I’ll have a write up of my whole cut progression for everyone who is interested in reading it.

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