We believe the quality of your worktime equals quality of your life.


See the beauty, balance your life and work in the best place for your thoughts and inner peace.

Joy and harmony makes you more relaxed, productive and happy person. This is the key aspect of our unique architectural and nature balanced location near the Vltava river, bordering with park and docklands. Together with good shapes and hedonic feel of interiors it is pleasure to work in. Free joga courses, meditations, rowing sessions all that jazz…


As your company grows, you will need space. We do the same. Our area grows with new companies and brings 90.000 sqm of premium office space for our growth.

As we expect acceleration of your business together with other companies in our house, we offer flexible solution for your next expansion and further units within this dock. Including places to relax, live and afterwork. Our architects are smart guys who know how flexibility and smart grids work in best offices and hubs across the world. We go on, more buildings bring new possibilities for your further growth. We follow your success.


How do you get to work? Not to meet traffic jam and to enjoy your way? We follow the basic environmental approach.

Bike, local public transport and underground garages for those who dont care and take car. But at least you can go electric. Say by bike? For cyclists we offer changing rooms and showers, so that they dont have to worry. And how about taking a boat? Molo is ready for your boat and why not to take your business partner on the water? Or why not to go to the city center different way?


It is our main aim to pick and balance all companies who should support each other. To live and work together in one beautiful place called DOCK IN.

We are looking for companies to team up... investors, tech start ups, geeks. We also seek for enthusiasts, lawyers, hub platforms, developers, mobile app producers, digital agencies, all you can use to develop your business and cooperate with on new projects.


Inside the complex of environmental friendly buildings, everything is oriented to the source of life - water.

Terraces that enable every floor its own comfort of open platform and views towards the water and the park. And from the side of the road and outer space, it is all wisely isolated. Imagine that moment, anytime you need the relax from everyday work pressure, you just open the terrace door and start chilling.


There are not many places in Prague, where you can play golf, skate, row, bike and run, within 100 meters around your work. To be honest, just one.

We support active recreation for all with changing rooms and showers, bike park and everything you can imagine is there too. Yoga center, gym and in case you need support for your kids, nursery school and baby center, it is all planed or already there. Keep your life in DOCK active. You don't have to make any compromise. DOCK in sport activities with your friends or coworkers and live to the fullest.


As we see, great location with water and parks, we need smart and eco friendly approach to stay in balance. Our architecture is minimalistic, offering great details and helps everybody inside to enjoy all the benefits and protect locals from busy roads around.

The standards are very high, we focus on tiny details that others don't even think about. What color is the switch on the wall, does it match to the overall structures, how silent is the AC, how to protect everything on the water from the water etc. We had to go through all challenges and result is beautiful combination of buildings where you can work, create and live free…


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