Dock in zen garden

See the beauty, balance your life and work in the best place for your thoughts and inner peace.

Joy and harmony makes you more relaxed, productive and happy person. This is the key aspect of our unique architectural and nature balanced location near the Vltava river, bordering with park and docklands. Together with good shapes and hedonic feel of interiors it is pleasure to work in. Free joga courses, meditations, rowing sessions all that jazz…


Dock in grow on

As your company grows, you will need space. We do the same.

As we expect acceleration of your business together with other companies in our house, we offer flexible solution for your next expansion and further units within this dock. Including places to relax, live and afterwork. Our architects are smart guys who know how flexibility and smart grids work in best offices and hubs across the world.


Dock in anywhere

How do you go to work? Not to meet traffic jam or to enjoy your way? By bike? Not always. What about sharing electric car with your colleges, teammates? How about taking a boat? Or autonomous driven vehicle? Yes. It is all set with our partners and electric recharge units. Gocycle, BMW and electric scooters, its all in our garage, ready to be used wisely. To take you home, to the meeting and back.


Dock in good company

Work and live to the fullest. It is our main aim to pick and balance all companies who should support each other. To live and work together in one beautiful place called DOCK IN.

We are looking for companies to team up... investors, tech start ups, geeks. We also seek for enthusiasts, lawyers, hub platforms, developers, mobile app producers, digital agencies, all you can use to develop your business and cooperate with on new projects.